Biography Of Sitting Bull (2 DVD Set)

Authorized Biography Of Sitting Bull By Great Grandson (2 DVD Box Set)

Sitting Bull was a leader among his people, the Lakota. He loved them. He sacrificed for them. And he was eventually killed by them. Many historians have written many things about this great leader. But no one knew him better than his family. Ernie LaPointe is Sitting Bull's only living lineal great grandson. In this two part BOX SET "The Authorized Biography of Sitting Bull and His Great Grandson", Ernie reveals his family's oral history passed down to him by his mother for the first time. In the first disc, "Part One: The Making Of A Leader', Ernie tells how his Great Grandfather came to become a leader of the Lakota people. In the second disc, 'Part Two: Thank You Grandfather, We Still Live', Ernie recounts how his Great Grandfather sacrificed and ultimately died for his people and their way of life. Ernie also reveals the truth behind his Great Grandfather's murder and the struggle of his family to reclaim their true history. Running Time: 157 Minutes.


"Ernie LaPointe has done an excellent job telling the story of his great-grandfather. The story clearly comes from his heart and presents a point of view that has been missing from the literature up to this point. He presents his grandfather as Sitting Bull would have wanted to be remembered - a sundancer and a man who wished to live in peace and equality with his fellow men on Mother Earth"


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